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Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật
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Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật
Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật

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Kim thu sét Ioniflash
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Ioniflash: The choice of reliability


Reliability is the essential quality of the IONIFLASH.

This is provided by the following:

-          The operating principlo of the eary atreamer emission, which does not require any fragile components (so no risk of failure)

-          The unparalleled accuracy of the ionisation, we are talking about millionths of a second.

-          The materials used in its manufacture: copper and stainless steel are chosen for their excellent resistance to corrosion.

-          Its qualities of independent operation and reliabitily mean that it can even be installed in places which are difficult to reach, such as church towers and spires.


Test reports on the Ioniflash air terminal


Since Luly 1995, the results of the early streamer emission air terminals (E.S.E) have been determined according to laboratory abtained results, using the evaluation procedure of the NF C 17-102 standard.

Frace Paratonnerres chose the Electrical Discharge Laboratory in the University of Pau (France) to characterise the performances of the IONIFLASH according to this procedure.


Procedure for standardised tests:

The evaluation of the average value of dT must be carried out on series of 10 shocks, respectively on 2 configurations corresponding to the early streamer emission air terminals (E.S.E) and the simple air terminal. The natural field conditions are simulated in the laboratory by the superposition of a permanent electrical field and of an impulse field asscociated with an electrode in the form of a plate situated at distance H from the ground.

The permanent field conditions resulting from the distribution of the charges into the cloud are extablished by a continuous negative polarity voltage applied to the plate electrode, producing a field of 10 to 20 kV/m.

The impulse field resulting from the approach of the downward tracer is simulated by a bi-exponential negative polarity voltage wave applited to the plate. The rise time is defined at 30% - 90% is 650 microseconds and the slope of the wave during the development phase of the discharge is situated at around 10 GV/m/s.


Test’s Result


IONIFLASH air terminal early streamer emission time approved : 129 ms

IONIFLASH Benjamin air terminal early streamer emission time approved : 120 ms


The version of the NF C 17-102 standard from December 2001 has favoured the installations security by weighting the early streamer emission time to 60 ms for all powerful E.S.E air terminals, which exceed this value. From now on both IONIFLASH models use this value of 60 ms for the calcuation of protection radiuses.


France paratonnerres


-          IONIFLASH technical documentation and general catalohue for protection against lighting in French, English or Spanish.

-          A research and advice department

-          Installation and insoection of equipment

      -     Worldwide distribution.

Địa chỉ : 5/3A Đồ Sơn - F.4 - Q. Tân B́nh - Tp.HCM
Điện thoại: 08.2213 6583 - 08.3811 4771      Fax: 08-38114 771
Di động : 0913 911 303 ( Mr. Lễ )

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